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MATA September Rundown

What Has Happened?

New MATA Staff Member!

Director of Marketing and Communication: We have a new role for MATA Sport's Club's Tyler Rudy! He will now be handling all communication moving forward. You can reach him at if you have any questions or concerns!

Fall Season Half-way Mark: We are officially half-way through our Fall season! We can't thank you all enough. We are currently in the midst of scheduling our Winter Registration and will be sending out follow-up communications when it is finalized!

MATA Fall Sports Day: What a successful event it was a few weekends ago! Over 100 attendees as we opened up our Fall Season. Thank you to all who registered; check out our video on the home page of the website and view our pictures on SmugMug!

New Website Design: Check out our revamped Website at to see our new sleek design!

100 Followers!: Our @MATASportsClub Instagram account has officially hit 100 followers, thanks to you! We appreciate your help in spreading the word, and hope we can continue to post interactive pictures and videos on our accounts!